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Thin wall conventional core barrels designed for coring in medium hard to very hard homogenous and slightly broken formations with water flushing or polymer.  They are designed as double tube core barrels but most can be converted to triple tube by incorporating PVC coreliners. Available in 6 different diameters for metric (millimetre) hole sizes between 46 -101 mm.


  • Fast penetration
  • Large core relative to hole size
  • Good for coring in hard rock formations using impregnated bits

Technical Data

Specification Core Barrel Type
T2-46 T2-56 T2-66 T2-76 T2-86 T2-101
Hole Diameter (mm) 46.5 56.5 66.5 76.5 86.5 101.5
Core Diameter (mm) 31.7 41.7 51.7 61.7 71.7 83.7
Kerf / Crown Thickness (mm) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 8.7
Cutting Area (cm2) 8.94 11.24 13.53 15.82 18.12 25.57
Hole Area (cm2) 16.83 24.90 34.52 45.72 58.50 80.59
Cutting Area as % of Hole Area 53% 45% 39% 35% 31% 32%
Core Area (cm2) 7.89 13.66 20.99 29.90 40.38 55.02
Standard Thread Connection in Head* CR42 CR50 CR50 CR50 CR50 NW
Recommended Casing M56 M66 M76 M86 M101 M116
Conversion to triple tube possible No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Cross-over sub required for drill rods not matching the thread connection in core barrel head

Key to Main Parts of T2 Core Barrel Assembly

Complete core barrel consists of:

1. Core Barrel Head

2. Inner Tube 1.5m or 3.0m long

3. Outer Tube 1.5m or 3.0m long

4. Extension Tube

5. Core Lifter

6. Core lifter Case

Core Bit and Reaming Shell are not supplied as part of the core barrel assembly, but must be chosen correctly to match the particular application and rock formation. Please refer to our Core Bits page for further details.