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Coreliner System (Triplex)

Coreliner is a clear, semi-rigid PVC tube that fits inside the inner tube of a core barrel and allows the rapid extraction of cores in their in-situ state. In principle, all double tube core barrels - conventional and wireline - can be quickly and easily converted to triple tube core barrels (sometimes called "Triplex") -  by the addition of a plastic coreliner.

Core barrels that use the coreliner system require a special core bit, core lifter and (in some cases) special core lifter case, with a slightly smaller internal diameter than the standard type. This is because the core must be slightly smaller than usual in order to fit into the PVC coreliner.

This is a very good technique that enhances the quality of core and overall core presentation, especially advantageous when coring sticky, broken and soft formations. It has become the "industry standard" core handling system in those locations where coreliner is readily available.

Coreliner is supplied in standard 10ft (3.05m) lengths which are easily cut down with a hacksaw to 5ft (1.525m) lengths for use in 5ft /1.5m core barrels. Plastic caps are  available to seal the ends of the coreliner tubes..


  • Low cost method to convert double tube core barrels to triple tube
  • Cores preserved in their in-situ state
  • No disturbance or damage to cores is possible during core extraction or transportation
  • Major time saving advantage in core removal
  • Reduces wear and damage to core barrels
  • Great technique when coring sticky, soft or broken formations

Technical Data

Core Barrel Standard Core Diameter (mm) Coreline Core Diameter (mm) Coreliner Dimensions OD x ID (mm) Special Core Lifter Case required*
T2-66 51.7 48.0 52.3 x 50.3 Yes
T2-76 61.7 58.0 62.3 x 60.3 Yes
T2-86 71.7 68.7 72.4 x 70.4 No
T2-101 83.7 80.7 84.4 x 82.4 No
T6-76 57.0 53.0 58.5 x 56.5 Yes
T6-86 67.0 63.0 67.0 x 65.0 Yes
79.0 76.0 80.5 x 78.5 No
T6-116 93.0 90.0 94.5 x 92.5 No
T6-131 108.0 103.5 109.5 x 106.5 Yes
T6-146 123.0 118.0 124.0 x 121.0 Yes
NWL 47.6 45.1 49.0 x 47.0 Yes
HWL 63.5 61.1 65.0 x 63.0 Yes
PWL 85.0 83.1 88.0 x 86.0 Yes
HWF 76.2 73.0 76.4 x 74.4 No
PWF 92.1 87.0 92.3 x 89.8 No
SWF 112.8 107.0 113.5 x 110.5 No
412F 74.7 73.0 78.8 x 76.8 No
Mazier 101 72.0 72.0 76.0 x 74.0 No
GBS 102.0 102.0 109.5 x 106.5 No

*Special core bit and special core lifter is required for all core barrels when using Coreliner System.

Minimum order quantities of coreliners may apply for less popular core barrels